Virtual Organizing and Coaching

We don’t have to be there to work with you: With our proven virtual process, Eliminate Chaos expertise is just a click or a call away.

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Virtual Organizing and Coaching

Organize Your Space (without someone in your space).

Eliminate Chaos Organizing Specialists™ don’t have to visit your home to help you transform it: We’ve been providing virtual services to satisfied clients in other cities and even other countries for years—and some of our projects have been featured in Better Homes and Gardens.

Our results are just as powerful as what we achieve with our in-person Home Organizing services, and our approach is the same, even as our process is slightly modified. So what’s different?

Everything is done via phone, email, or videoconference.

Just as with our in-person offerings, virtual organizing starts with learning about you and your needs.

You work at your own pace—and we stay in touch.

Our virtual service gives you the flexibility to devote time to your project whenever it’s convenient, using the action plan we create.

You realize all the same benefits while saving time and travel costs.

We still use our proven 10-step approach. We still work to differentiate the things you use versus the ones you don’t so you can keep only those that have purpose. We still use our knowledge of products and our project-management skills to help you reach your goals.

And we still provide tools and instruction to maintain your newly organized spaces. It’s virtual support, but the impact is real.

Virtual Home Office Consulting and Coaching

Properly distanced. Powerfully productive.

Whether you’re one of the millions of people who made a sudden shift to working from home in 2020 or you’ve been a remote worker for years, Eliminate Chaos can help you enhance your home office—as well as your productivity.

And thanks to our virtual offering, we don’t even need to step into your office. We work with you via email, phone, and secure online access, providing all the same benefits as our in-person Home Office services. What can you expect?

Systems for your stuff—and your sanity.

Our Organizing Specialists™, business systems experts, and productivity consultants help you corral both visible and invisible clutter. We’ll learn about your pain points and build processes that ensure you get organized and stay organized. You’ll get tools and resources to help:

  • Organize digital files
  • Get more out of your email
  • Set up encrypted offsite backups
  • Implement and maximize Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
  • Transfer data and keep devices decluttered
  • Manage paper files
  • Plan your space and organize your physical stuff

Access to decades of expertise.

Our team has unparalleled knowledge and proven techniques—honed over 40+ years in IT, business, and productivity consulting—to help you take control of your stuff, your data, and your life.