The Power of Partnership

At Eliminate Chaos, we are organizing and productivity experts who believe that collaboration is as important as knowledge when it comes to meaningful results. We serve as your trusted partners—listening to your needs, learning about your goals, and creating customized solutions to achieve them.

Our clients want to boost efficiency and reduce frustration. Many are simply looking to improve their everyday lives by having spaces that both look and feel better. Others seek a more thoughtful approach to the logistics of moving a household or office—from packing and unpacking to project management, vendor coordination, and space planning. And some just long for the day when they can fit their car into the garage again.

Thanks to the proven 10-step process developed and refined over decades by our founder, Laura Leist, any of those goals are within your reach. And staying organized is, too, because all of our powerful solutions and systems are designed to be easily maintained well into the future.

Start your journey today.

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What We Do Best

Home Organization

Home Organization

Our organizing experts will help you create a living space that is organized, comfortable, and beautiful (and make sure it stays that way). Learn More

Home Office Consulting

Home Office Consulting

We go beyond organizing your home office—we develop tailored systems that empower you to work more efficiently. Learn More

Moving Services for Your Home

Moving Services for Your Home

Feel right at home, right away. With our expert planning and execution, you’ll marvel at just how stress-free a move can be. Learn More

Moving Services for Your Business

Moving Services for Your Business

It’s more than a move—it’s an opportunity. We’ll help you see what’s possible in your new space, creating systems and strategies that enhance your productivity and potential. Learn More

Virtual Organizing and Coaching

Virtual Organizing and Coaching

We don’t have to be there to work with you: With our proven virtual process, Eliminate Chaos expertise is just a click or a call away. Learn More

Digital Organizing

Digital Organizing

Stop wasting time searching for e-mail, passwords, digital documents, photos and videos. We help you beat the byte buildup with systems and structure. Learn More

You listened.

  “Eliminate Chaos took the time to listen and understand my needs. They helped me refine my vision for the space and provided great suggestions and insight. The process was an enjoyable one. Thank you!”
- Gene Juarez

From box filled house to livable home.

  “I have never used a service like Eliminate Chaos. We recently moved to Seattle and the expertise Eliminate Chaos provided was amazing. In just a few short days, my box filled house became a livable home.”
- Ricki

Yes, you - the professional - were correct.

  “I am fully moved to NJ and mostly unpacked and organized. Having the movers pack was, ultimately, more expensive given how disorganized their packing was and the level of effort needed to ultimately sort things to their right place! I've learned my lesson.”
- R.J.

Your team is amazing.

  “I just got home and already feel like this is my home. I have been living in turmoil for a while and coming home gave me peace. Thank you!”
- B.M.

Professional. Efficient. Respectful.

  “I have been using your services for many years now. It is because of your professionalism, efficiency and respect for your client, that I come back. You do not judge and you understand the emotion with organizing. Thank you so much for helping to make my life more organized.”
- T.T.


  “A big thanks to Eliminate Chaos for helping us clear our clutter from our workshop and craft area in an effective, easy, non-judgmental way. My husband was blown away by the transformation, and we are liberated by the extra space and less stuff.”
- Joyce and Marshall Rafferty

Aprons on, ready to work!

  “The whole team at Eliminate Chaos is so amazing to work with. They are on time, come ready to work and have cute little aprons on with all their tools needed to get the job done.”
- Melinda K

Calm and Respectful.

  “Laura's calm, respectful help reassured me through the entire process. She worked so quickly that I was energized to continue at that pace. Her clear 'homework' suggestions helped me keep up the progress between her visits.”
- Christy L.

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About Eliminate Chaos Services


Packing, Unpacking, Organizing and Moving Services

Why Work With Us

When was the last time you felt in complete control of your space, your work, your life? At Eliminate Chaos, we specialize in creating that feeling you get when everything has clicked into place—and not just for a day or two, but for the long haul. Our expert organizing, relocation, and productivity solutions include tools that allow you to maintain your new spaces and systems for years to come.

Eliminate Chaos - The 10 Step Process to Organizing your Home and Life

Founded by Laura Leist in 2000, our company has served thousands of clients and earned rave reviews for the ease and simplicity we bring to their lives. Laura, a pioneer in the field, was among the first in the nation to earn the prestigious Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®) designation. Today, she leads a team of full-time organizing and productivity professionals who have followed in her footsteps.

At Eliminate Chaos, our ultimate goal is to help all of our clients create More Time for Life®. And with our powerful process and deep experience, we’re ready to help you do exactly that.

Our Process

Eliminate Chaos 10 Step Process

Our 10-Step Process was created by Laura Leist over 20 years ago and is the methodology used by our Specialists. You can use this process, by downloading a free copy of the 10-Steps.

Grab Your Copy of Laura's 10-Step Process