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It's more than a move - it's an opportunity.
We'll help you see what's possible in your new space and you'll marvel at just how stress-free a move can be.

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Unpacking and Organizing for Your Home

Unpacking and Organizing for Your Home

Unpacked - and Perfectly Placed.

There’s “unpacking,” which is when movers take your things out of boxes and leave them on the floor—and then there’s Eliminate Chaos unpacking, which is a thoughtful blend of unpacking and organizing.

When your move is done, our Organizing Specialists™ want you to walk into your new home and feel like you already live there, instead of dreading the thought of unpacking all your stuff. How do we make you feel that way?

We start organizing immediately.

Instead of simply taking things out of boxes and placing them where it’s convenient, we put everything away in an organized fashion. We’ll even place your furniture in all the right spots.

We make sure you understand the system.

We want you to enjoy the benefits of organization in your new home for years to come, so we'll provide instruction on continuing what we've started together. Don't be satisfied with an organized move—live an organized life!


A Better Way to Box.

It’s the morning after the move. Where are the coffee mugs? Where is the coffeemaker? Wait a second, do you even know where the coffee beans are? If the movers packed your things, it might be time to head to the closest coffee shop, because their version of “packing” usually means anything can end up in any box.

When Eliminate Chaos packs for you, though, you’ll be able to enjoy your morning ritual from the very first day—because the approach of our Organizing Specialists™ is designed to make your move stress-free. How is it different?

First, we learn about your new home.

Before we pack a single box, we learn about how much space you have in your new home for the items you plan to move. We want to ensure we don't pack and move items that don't fit or aren’t needed. As we work together to select the items to move, we will set them aside until it is time to pack.

We don’t just pack well—we pack thoughtfully.

We carefully pack your boxes so that items being moved will arrived unscathed, of course. But beyond that, our boxes will be packed based on the location of where the items will live in your new space, which will save time and money on moving day when we unpack and set up your home.

We take unique needs into consideration.

We work closely with you to understand any special needs, as well as items you need the day of your move—such as medications or special equipment. Finally, we will pack a special box that we know needs to be opened first for you in your new home so that you have necessary items right at your fingertips.

Move Management for Your Home

Move Management for Your Home

A Stress-Free Move? Yes, Really.

Want to know the secret to stress-free moving? Let Eliminate Chaos handle everything. From creating an overall plan and managing vendors to overseeing the execution on the big day, we can take care of any or every detail, even packing and unpacking. All while you relax somewhere away from it all.

We offer a diverse range of services that can be combined to meet any conceivable need. Some clients pick and choose what areas they want the most help with, while others have our experts handle everything. How can we make your move efficient—and even enjoyable?

We can build the plan and manage the entire project.

In addition to determining the best way to complete your move, we can recommend movers we know and trust. And if you want our experienced professional move managers to manage everything, we can do that, too—keeping movers on schedule, ensuring access in high-rises, coordinating deliveries, and meeting other challenges.

We can coordinate with your other vendors.

Perhaps you have an interior designer or other contractors working at your new home—for example, installing a wine cellar, custom cabinets, or wiring a room for home theater. We can track their progress against your timelines, and keep you fully informed, so there are no surprises when it's time to move in.

We can pack, unpack, and organize.

With most movers, packing is haphazard at best and “unpacking” equals stuff all over the floor. Our approach leaves you with organized boxes packed by room and priority, then unpacked and put away in an organized fashion—for just $10-$15 more per hour than you'd pay your movers to pack or unpack. We will even place your furniture where you want it, hook up electronics, and more.

And before our work is done, we walk through with you to ensure you know where everything is and that it's easily accessible. You’ll be ready to enjoy your new space from day one.

Technology for Your Home

New place? Time for new tech.

New spaces can bring new challenges—especially when it comes to technology. Maybe you need Wi-Fi over a much bigger area now. Or you aren’t sure whether the wiring in your desired location will work for what you need. Then again, you just might want to make sure your surround-sound system is as perfect as it was in the old place.

Eliminate Chaos experts can help, whether you need to set up a state-of-the-art home office or make sure the kids are happy with family movie night. How do we keep you up to date?

We look at all of your pain points and needs.

Home networks can have a lot of varying needs—from video calls to VOIP audio calls, downloading files and streaming. If you’re going to the trouble of moving, we find it’s best to update your technology at the same time so you don’t have to worry about it.

We stay involved throughout the process.

We have a roster of trusted suppliers for all kinds of tech, but we don’t stop when we recommend the supplier: We are there for every step of the design and installation, because we have unique insight into your specific situation.

We’re ready to meet uncommon challenges.

There’s almost always a solution—even when it’s not apparent. For instance, one of our clients had a studio behind a thick brick wall, and wanted to have an office on the other side. That wasn’t a great setup for Wi-Fi, but we found a way to ensure she had a great, reliable signal throughout both spaces.

Technology for Your Home
Senior Moves

Senior Moves

Caring. Compassionate. Comforting.

Every move is different, but when it’s time to leave a home with decades of memories, change must be handled with care. Whether you or a loved one are downsizing 40 years of treasures before a move, or simply trying to decide what should be moved at all, our experts can guide the process with empathy and grace.

How do our Senior Move Managers work with seniors to put their minds at ease?

We work with seniors and their families, if needed.

When you move to a new home, we will first select the items you wish to move, such as your furniture, clothes, household items, pictures, artwork, and other cherished items. You can also have us work with you or your family members to help find homes for the remaining items and feel confident that we will make the best decisions with you in mind. Whether you wish to have your items donated to a specific charity or sold through an estate sale, we can coordinate those efforts, too.

We’ll work with your new community—and your new space.

Prior to your move, we'll work with you to help determine the best placement of your furniture and other items. We'll obtain the floor plan from your community so we have the dimensions of your home. Working with you on a furniture plan will ensure that you are paying to only move the furniture that you need—and that will fit. We’ll also help you maximize and organize other areas, such as closets and living spaces.

We’ll manage the move.

Every successful Eliminate Chaos move is a result of behind-the-scenes project management—your dedicated expert will be with you every step of the way. We will look at every detail and determine the best way to complete your move, whether it’s helping you downsize beforehand, recommending movers, managing vendors, or anything else.

Unpacking, Organizing and Space Planning for Your Business

Free to Focus on What Matters.

What if after your move, you had an office that didn’t work as well as it did before—you had one that actually worked better? It might sound impossible, but with the experts at Eliminate Chaos on your side, you’ll have efficient, easily maintained workflow systems and workspaces the day you move into your new location. And you’ll have people that are more than happy with the shift; they will be downright grateful.

Our Organizing Specialists™ can put you in control of your physical space, your processes, and your information. How do we give you that power?

We clear the clutter and organize.

It’s hard to focus when clutter is everywhere—we’ll organize storage areas, mailrooms and workspaces into efficient, attractive areas and even redesign the floor plan to make the best use of your furnishings and equipment. If you need new storage systems or supplies, we’ll provide guidance. And we’ll train you and your staff on how to maintain these systems, too.

We create systems and processes for paper and digital files.

Stop wasting time searching for documents, or worse, recreating lost ones! Productivity in the workplace requires systems and processes for managing all of the digital files, paper, and other stuff in the workspace. The better the systems and processes, the more productive the employee and organization.

We make sure you know how to move forward.

After we carefully design systems and processes to fit how you work, we also show you how to maintain them over time. Because we know there’s more to lasting success than merely delivering a shiny new solution—people must know how to use it effectively.

Unpacking, Organizing and Space Planning for Your Business
Project Management for Your Company Move

Project Management for Your Company Move

Every Detail - Handled.

Moving to a new office or facility is exciting—until you actually have to deal with the hassle of moving a workplace, that is. But there’s a seamless way to move into your new building, or even just down the hall. One that doesn’t require your employees to become a temporary move manager or mover instead of doing their real jobs, and one that ensures your new place will be ready to work the moment you arrive.

The secret is the experts at Eliminate Chaos, who have vast experience at providing corporate relocation services in all kinds of industries, from government to healthcare. We’ll focus on your business transition so you can focus on keeping your business running. How will we make your business move better?

We’ll build a custom plan for you.

Working in partnership with your project champion, we can manage all parts of your corporate move, or just the parts where you need our expertise. We’ll create a detailed plan to ensure all aspects of your project go as expected, including keeping your employees in the loop. And to ensure you aren’t paying to pack and move items that aren’t needed any longer, we’ll utilize our process to help employees and departments let go of unused equipment and supplies—while providing instructions to help downsize and pack their own work areas.

We’ll pack the common areas and executive offices.

Lunch/break rooms, conference rooms, mail/copy rooms, and other spaces will be packed according to where the items will live in the new office. Because we've often downsized these areas in preparation for your move, we are able to make recommendations for optimal storage and organization. And executives can be assured that we will confidentially pack, unpack, and organize their offices so they can expend their energy where it’s needed most.

We’ll coordinate with vendors, supervise the move, and unpack for you.

On the day of the office move, not only do we manage the vendors, we stay as long as it takes to ensure everything is done according to plan. Furniture, equipment, and boxes will be placed correctly. We’ll help put workspaces together. And do anything else you need to make sure your business has what it needs after the transition.

With our move-management expertise, you’ll avoid last-minute problems, you won’t make mistakes that cost time and money, and most important, you won’t run into any surprises. Whether you have a handful of employees or hundreds, we’re ready to get you moving.

Technology for Your Business

Total Tech Management.

These days, business “moves” aren’t necessarily about moving to a new office or building—they are just as likely to be about moving employees to home setups, or enhancing those setups after the hasty switch to remote work in the spring.

In addition to our organizing expertise, Eliminate Chaos also has tech experts on staff with vast experience at helping companies build networks, find the right equipment, and meet whatever unique challenges they are facing in that moment. What will we do for your business?

We’ll make sure your stuff works.

It’s really as simple as that. Whether you need a new structure for your network or platform, want to make sure your cloud services will still work when you move, need VOIP or communications systems that follow employees wherever they go—or all of the above—we’ve done it.

We’ll give you maximum flexibility.

One of our clients wasn’t worried at all when COVID-19 hit, at least in business terms: Thanks to their engagement with Eliminate Chaos, they already had systems that could easily shift to remote work, and moving employees out of the office was a breeze.

We’ll get you up and running—and figure out what could be better.

While your movers will move the computers and equipment, we’ll get it all hooked up and connected again—and that goes for phone systems and software, too. Need a better ISP? Looking for the right copy machine? We don’t just manage the move and the tech you have, we help you determine where it makes sense to make improvements. It’s total project management for your office and your systems.


Technology for Your Business