Home Organization Services

Our organizing experts will help you create a living space that is organized, comfortable, and beautiful
(and make sure it stays that way).

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Home Organization

Organized. Comfortable. Beautiful.

Your living space can be all of those things—and stay that way—with solutions from the Organizing Specialists™ at Eliminate Chaos. How do we do it? 

We learn about your vision.

The moment you call, our learning process begins. We ask about your lifestyle and vision for the space you want to transform, as well as your budget and timeframe, so we can find a perfect partner for you among our highly trained specialists. 

We tailor solutions to your unique needs.

Your Organizing Specialist™ has unparalleled knowledge and proven techniques to help you take control of your stuff, your space, and your life. They will use our 10-step process to recommend improvements based on your specific situation. 

We give you tools for the future.

Our systems allow you to stay organized long after your project with us is done. 

Organizing is a journey, and our team will be with you every step of the way.

Decluttering and Downsizing

From Too Much to Just Enough.

Many people decide to declutter just before a move—especially when they’ve spent years accumulating things in their home. But anytime can be a great time to go through our decluttering and downsizing process, even if you’re not going anywhere. So whether you’re moving into a new space or you simply want to make your current space feel more organized, the experts at Eliminate Chaos will guide you through a transition that is smooth and refreshingly low stress. How do our Organizing Specialists™ help clients downsize? 

We learn about your space—and your new needs.

All of our projects begin with learning. How big is your current space? If you’re moving, what will your new home look like? How much stuff do you have, and how much do you want to keep? With our proactive approach, you’ll hold on to what matters most while feeling a sense of greater control over your space and your stuff.

We build a plan specifically for you.

Going through a house filled with items dating back decades is much different than working with a homeowner who needs only a little organizing help in certain areas—just like moving from a waterfront estate to a downtown penthouse is different than going from a suburban home to a stylish condo. Each decluttering and downsizing project is unique, which is why our plans are specifically tailored to each client. 

We work on the new space, too.

It’s not just about clearing excess clutter from your home (and your life), it’s about ensuring everything has its place. We can craft strategies for placing your items efficiently, and we’ll provide tools and resources to help you maintain the organization of your space, whether it’s a new home or simply feels like one.

Closet Design

Tailored Just for You.

What good is the perfect outfit if you can’t find it when you need it? At Eliminate Chaos, we believe the right closet leads to the right look—and our Organizing Specialists™ create spaces and systems that are as inspiring as they are functional. 

We offer planning and design for DIY solutions, such as ELFA from The Container Store, or we can take care of everything with a fully customized solution through one of our trusted closet vendors. Whichever you choose, you’re on your way to a closet that looks as sharp as you do.

What closet option will work best?

Your Specialist will determine your goals, discuss your sensibilities and budget, and gather details with our proprietary app. We’ll work with you to downsize your wardrobe as needed, cataloging the items you actually wear and designing a closet that fits.  

How do we implement the design?

Whether you’re planning a full remodel, you’re moving into a new home, or you simply want to make an existing closet work better, we’ll provide recommendations and guidance for DIY installations, or manage your custom project using a provider we know and trust.

Never again will you need to rifle through all your clothes looking for that one specific item. The days of “I can’t find anything to wear” will be forever in the past. Your closet has been transformed, your items organized beautifully. And as good as everything looks, you’ll discover that the feeling is even better.

Organization Maintenance

Stay in Control.

Getting organized and gaining control over your space is an amazing feeling—wouldn’t it be nice to have that same amazing feeling years from now? We design organizing systems and processes that fit how our clients live and work, so they can easily follow them for the long term.

But we also know that sometimes life just gets in the way. Your needs might change, your goals might shift. And whether you aren’t following your system as faithfully as you once did or your system isn’t suited to the way you live now, the good news is that we can help. You’ve already worked with our Organizing Specialists™, which means you have a strong foundation. So how do we bring new clarity to your life?

We address immediate issues.

If you just need a little help getting back on track in specific spaces, our experts will first help you restore order—and then provide tools and resources to ensure you can keep that order.

We refine your processes and systems.

Once the problem areas have been addressed, we can look at bigger issues. Do your current processes not work for you any longer, or was this simply an instance of “life happens”? What changes can we make that will help you stick to your system? Or has your situation changed to the point where we should create completely new systems for you?

We implement new tools.

From new technology to something as simple as a different style of file or container, sometimes small changes can make a big difference. We’ll make sure you have everything you need—and that it’s all tailored perfectly to your space and stuff.