Home Office Consulting

We go beyond organizing your home office—we develop tailored systems that empower you to work more efficiently.

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Home Office Consulting

Productive. Efficient. Organized.

Have you ever heard that a messy desk is indicative of a genius? We have, too—but while that may be true for some, we’ve seen far too many people whose home office is inhibiting instead of inspiring.

If you waste time looking for papers that have fallen prey to your “filing system,” or your digital documents are scattered and impossible to find, our Organizing and Productivity Specialists™ will make it easier for you to unleash your inner genius. How do we help you work smarter?

We take stock of your needs.

It starts with listening—learning about how you’re working now, and your vision for how you want to work in the future.

We find—and fix—your pain points.

For you to be at your best, you need the right space, the proper tools and efficient systems. We will accomplish more than you thought possible, including (but not limited to):

  • Conquering email inbox overload.
  • Optimizing paper management and flow. We create systems for action, filing and retrieval, all tailored to how you process information—so you’ll stick with it.
  • Going digital. We can create electronic systems to help you move away from paper, leveraging tools such as cloud storage, password management, calendar sharing, and more.
  • Designing a space that is comfortable, stylish, and organized (even if you share it).
  • Corralling your stuff. We help you decide what you need and how to organize it.
  • We help you achieve balance.

    With our strategies to prioritize, create routines, and improve your schedule, you’ll regain control, and keep control, over not only your work, but how it impacts your life.

    Digital Organizing

    Stop Fishing for Your Files.

    While physical clutter is right in front of you (or shoved into a closet, perhaps), digital clutter is a little more sneaky. Photos, documents, and emails often pile up quickly and quietly, and without a system to organize them, it’s easy to suddenly find yourself overwhelmed—and at risk of losing valuable files forever.

    Eliminate Chaos Productivity Specialists™ have unparalleled knowledge and proven techniques to help you organize the “invisible” forms of clutter that accumulate on your computers and devices—and protect what’s most important. What can you expect with our experts on your side?

    A partner who gets technology.

    We’re ready to dig in from the moment you call. What are your current backup and security processes? Do you have a filing system? One we learn about you, we’ll pair you with an IT Specialist specifically for the platform you use.

    Virtual and in-person expertise.

    We are located in Seattle, but our clientele is global; for remote clients, we provide a secure link to a portal that allows us to sit next to you virtually while we work together over the phone. And we go further than simply “organizing” your information; we will ensure your devices are backed up and protected from viruses and malware.

    Systems you can easily maintain.

    Whether you’re tech-savvy and just need a little assistance or you’re overwhelmed by all of this stuff, we’ll provide peace of mind—with systems and processes you can follow to stay ahead of your digital clutter.