Laura Leist, CPO, MOS, CRTS

Founder, Productivity Specialist™, Coach, Speaker

When you meet Laura Leist for the first time, you’ll quickly realize that she’s someone who simply gets things done. Her uncanny ability to see the big picture while managing all the finer details is seen in every aspect of the work Eliminate Chaos does for you.

Through the rare combination of both an analytical and creative mind, she is the perfect person to have in your home, creating masterpieces out of systems — and bringing about beauty from chaos.

Whether you’re facing an overwhelming organizing challenge, complete digital mayhem, or an extremely complex move, Laura beautifully orchestrates the complicated moving parts of the entire process. Clients often say, “Laura thinks about everything — details that would never even occur to me!”
Among colleagues, Laura is a leader among leaders in an industry full of organizing experts. She's seen it all over the years and has perfected the efficient tried-and-true methods that have allowed her to become the best in the biz. Her exceptional ability to anticipate needs meant that Laura and her team were the first to offer digital organizing services over twenty years ago — before the term even existed. With a degree and background in management information systems and computer science, Laura has the knowledge you want but the ability to explain it in the way you need.

When you’re considering a massive project like a multi-home, commercial, or international move, you need to know that it will be done right the first time. Armed with her 20 plus-page relocation checklist, Laura knows there’s no room for error with these larger projects. Her strategic thinking coupled with her softer side and appreciation of beauty, means everything is covered from the utensil drawer in your kitchen to safely moving an extremely valuable art or wine collection, including large scale paintings and sculptures.
Laura and her team have applied the methodology from her book, Eliminate Chaos: The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home and Life, to homes and businesses throughout the Seattle area for over twenty years.

Laura's education, training, and dynamic background in information technology bring welcome calm to the technology storm. Her proven ability to streamline processes was rewarded early in her career when she was recognized as the employee of the year for SAFECO Surety. For over a decade Laura designed computer systems to manage work processes and information to help employees store and retrieve information quickly. What makes her contribution to client success so valuable is the combination of her prior career experience and her gift for explaining how to make the most of technology in a non-geek-speak way.

Laura and her husband Rob were married on the well-ordered date of 9-10-11 in Maui — their favorite place to travel. Laura and Rob’s children have four paws and they are building a vacation home in Eastern WA wine country, where their vineyard grows grapes. Laura knows from experience that it’s treasured moments that matter most in life, and not the stuff. 

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About Eliminate Chaos Services

Packing, Unpacking, Organizing and Moving Services

Audrey Beaulac
Laura's standards take Eliminate Chaos to another level.

  “The Eliminate Chaos team arrived, on time, to tackle an unpacking project. Their effectiveness, attention to detail and expertise changed my life. While I've worked with other professional organizers, Eliminate Chaos has a mixture of efficiency refinement and professional standards that take them to another level, using thoughtful problem solving. They are the best.”
- Audrey Beaulac

Jill Turner-Willox
Martha Stewart would be envious of Laura's skills.

  “One of the gentlemen installing the cabinet hardware told Denise that based on what the inside of her cabinets and drawers look like - Martha Stewart would be envious of her organizational skills!”
- Jill Turner-Willox, Designer

MaryPat Cheng
Laura provides exceptional service.

  “I gain two things when I work with Laura: organization and the tools and strategies to stay organized! She observes how we work and develops systems and tools to help us work more efficiently. Laura holds herself to very high standards and it shows in her work. When I have welcomed Laura into my home and business, Laura has always treated me, members of my family and staff with respect and kindness. She listens well to our needs, goals and limitations. She has a special way of making us comfortable and we always have fun and laugh. She has earned my trust. Laura is completely dependable and reliable and I can count on her to be on time, and complete project in the amount of time she says it will take to complete them.”
- MaryPat Cheng

Relo - Melody Robidoux
Our 2nd Move with Eliminate Chaos

  “Laura and her team coordinated our move; packed and unpacked; organized closets, the garage, and the kitchen; hung artwork; and generally made our move smooth, efficient, and successful. Laura and every team member were friendly, efficient, encouraging, and made life during a move much easier. This is our second move with Eliminate Chaos, and if we move again, we will call Laura.”

- Melody Robidoux

Relo - Larry Williams
Zero Breakage!

  “Eliminate Chaos did a wonderful job of moving two extremely busy professionals with limited bandwidth, from 2 houses into one condo (and a couple of storage units). Zero breakage, up and running same day, and hugely reduced stress since everything is labeled and where it should be. Great experience - thank you Laura and team!”
- Larry Williams

Debra Brownnell - Windermere
Turned out better than I could have imagined.

  “I had no energy to unpack my home office. Supplies had been in boxes on the floor for a year. My office configuration allowed no room to move about. The finished product turned out even better than I could have imagined. Laura was so easy to have in my home for three long days and she worked so hard to make the systems work for me. Laura even helped me with Outlook for all aspects of my life and devised files and containers to help me stay organized.”
- Debra Brownell, Windermere Real Estate

Myles Kahn
Unique ability to tackle problems head-on.

  “Laura saved my sanity and helped my home-based business immeasurably. She has the unique ability to tackle the logistical problem head-on while dealing with the stress and frustration created by the situation simultaneously. I could not recommend anyone more strenuously!”
- Myles Kahn

High Quality Service

  “Laura and her team offer a unique, high quality service that is invaluable. I am moving cross country and she organized and packed my valuables and connected me with movers. Laura’s team is incredibly professional and skilled and took all the stress out of my move. I highly recommend their services!”
- Valerie

Who said moving can't be fun?

  “Laura Leist and her crew of amazing organizers helped us move out of a house where we had lived for almost 20 years and into a new home. Not only was the move successful, but actually fun. They organized our belongings in our new home with such expertise, expediency and care that it felt like home right away.”
- Angela

Lesley McGovern
Everyone Could Benefit From Their Services

  “Our realtor suggested we connect with Eliminate Chaos, and Laura and her team of professionals were invaluable in helping us to prepare for a cross-country move. Laura and her team were professional and detailed. It was a huge help knowing exactly what was in every box as we unpacked in our new home. I think everyone could benefit from their services no matter how big or small the project!”
- Lesley McGovern

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