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Clutter: How YOU May be Impacted and Not Even Realize It | Organizing & Productivity Coaching

Clutter: How YOU May be Impacted and Not Even Realize It | Organizing & Productivity Coaching

Thursday, 7 March 2024‍


Happy Get Organized and Be More Productive Month!

Clutter:  How YOU May be Impacted and Not Even Realize It


Yes, we are well into the month where you may have made the “resolution” or set the “intent” to “get organized” this year.


If you did; how is it going?  What progress did you make?


Maybe you told yourself:  “this is the year I am finally going to organize

{fill in the blank}.


Let me help with a few organizing thoughts.


What comes to mind for you when you hear that word?

When I ask this question at a speaking engagement; I hear many different answers.

Do you know what most of the answers have in common?

Physical Clutter.

Yes, they are referring to what I call the “VISIBLE” forms of clutter.

It’s no surprise this is what comes to mind – first.

What about the “IN-VISIBLE” forms of clutter?

Now what comes to mind?

Here’s how I define each:

Visible Clutter:  “The physical stuff in your life that is no longer serving a purpose and does not have a place in your home.”

Invisible Clutter:  “Mental Clutter that you are keeping in your head – and - Digital Clutter, such as files, photos, email, passwords, apps and more.”

There two to three reasons why we hold on to things; whether it is visible or invisible:

• Emotional

• Financial

• Both Emotional and Financial

Emotional:  You can’t let something go because you are tied to the sentimentality of the item – and if you let it go, it will seem like you’ve lost the memory of what that item “represented” in  your life.

Think about the last time you tried to let something go; but couldn’t because of the memory the item held for you.

I get it, I’ve been there with items from my mom’s death when I was just 16 years old – and tried to let go of items years later.

For example; I had the most difficult time letting go of my mom’s China (I didn’t need two sets after I got married and had my own).  

When I stopped to think why it was so hard to let go of the China – it wasn’t about the China at all – it was about all of the holiday gatherings we celebrated with family when I was growing up – and I missed those times so much.

I decided to instead give the set of China to a women’s shelter so they could all have matching dishes to eat from.  That made me feel so good and I’ve never looked back on the decision – or regretted it.

Financial:  “But I paid good money for that.”  Of course you did!

I’ve heard it a million times in my career.  If I had a dollar for each time I heard this phrase in the past 23 years; you would not be reading a newsletter from me – because I’d be retired and on a beach in Maui.

Think about the “good money” you spent – can this help shape your purchasing habits in the future?

But what if you thought you could “sell the stuff” and recoup some of your investments?

You could certainly try – but it’s more time consuming and harder than you think.

The advise I’ve always given to clients is this:  your stuff is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, give you the money and take it away.

Let’s face it; your “stuff” may not be worth what you think it’s worth – nor with the time and effort to sell.

What steps are you willing to take to get organized and be more productive this year?


In next month's news letter, I will share a little game you can play to help you get started on your journey to an organized {fill in the blank} in 2023.



If you'd like a copy of my 10-Step Process that I know WORKS; you can download it here from our website.  (Be sure to scroll down to the "Our Process" section).

If you’d like to read more; you can always purchase a copy of my book Eliminate Chaos:  The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home & Life.  (Amazon).

If you’d like an autographed copy mailed to you – email me; and I’ll have Jennifer call you for billing information and I will sign it and ship it to you.


Wishing you sustainable organization and purposeful productivity in 2023.





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How you can benefit from working with a coach:


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