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Eliminate Chaos - Step 4 of The 10-Step Process and bonus Downsizing and Moving Video

Eliminate Chaos - Step 4 of The 10-Step Process and bonus Downsizing and Moving Video

Friday, 8 March 2024‍

Step 4 of The 10-Step Process


In this video newsletter I share Step 4 of my book Eliminate Chaos:  The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home & Life.

This step may be one of the most difficult, but it is essential for any organizing you wish to do.




How to Prepare for a Move & Downsize with Jean Groesbeck

Want to know the secret to stress-free moving? 

Let Eliminate Chaos handle it.


Jean Groesbeck of Compass Real Estate interviewed Laura for her clients to help them get started with the process of downsizing and preparing for a move.


If you are overwhelmed by where to start, our team of Organizing Specialists can help by:


  • Downsizing what is no longer needed at your new home - and help you find a home for those donations that are a bit of a challenge to donate at the moment.  We do have resources most people are not aware of.

  • Packing in an organized fashion for your new home so those decisions are made up front and it makes it quicker and easier to get unpacked and organized in your new home.

  • Unpacking and Organizing using our proven method to ensure you are "living" in your home as quickly as possible and not living out of boxes!

  • Consulting on your Move.  We get it.  Moving is a LOT of work and so much to consider.  We can take the guess work out of it all for you and get you started on the most efficient path.

  • Refer one of our Trusted Movers.  We have relationships with a few movers we've worked with for years.  They know and respect the work we do and appreciate how easy we make their job, which sometimes reduces the amount of time it takes them to complete your job.

  • Project Manage Your Move.  The amount of detailed oversight we bring to your project can't be summarized in a sentence, but you can get a good idea by watching this video!  Our move management checklist is 15 pages to ensure we've not missed a single detail!    

  • Technology Recommendations and Setup.  Need the WIFI/Routers setup or recommendations?  No problem.  Need your Sonos setup?  How about recommendations for other home technology?  We've got that covered too by Robert Leist, our Sr. IT Specialist.


There is very little we can't do to help you start living in your new organized home almost immediately.  And if there is something we can't do or are not an expert at, no problem, we have other trusted vendors we work with that we can refer to you.


Many of our clients have told us "they would never make another move without us" - don't make this mistake!


Feel free to give us a call for a free phone consultation - it all starts there. We can be reached at 425.670.2551. 



"It's the treasured moments in life that matter most - not the stuff."

~ Laura Leist

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