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Boo! | It's Finally Here - The Step You've Been Waiting For! | Holiday Decorating and More

Boo! | It's Finally Here - The Step You've Been Waiting For! | Holiday Decorating and More

Wednesday, 6 March 2024‍

Step 8 of The 10-Step Process



In this video newsletter I share Step 8 of my book
Eliminate Chaos:  The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home & Life.

We have finally come to what seems to be everyone's favorite step! Listen to find out why it's the favorite and why this is not one of the first steps in the process. 

Happy Halloween!

Holiday Decorating - Grab Your Spot NOW

‍I get it, today is Halloween and now we're going to talk about the holidays. 

Want to cross decorating off your list of things to do this holiday season so you have more time for the things you enjoy?

Our calendars are filling quickly, so call us soon if you would like a date.

We can also take down your decor after the holidays, purchased additional storage if needed, and organize it all for next year.

Areas of Service:  Greater Seattle area only.

Note:  We typically work with your decor, however a Specialist can also do some planning in advance with you and some shopping.  Often we can pick up fresh garland and decorate it with lights. 

It is not too soon to book your spot on our calendars to get your home ready for the holidays!  E-mail me: [email protected] or call our office at 425.670.2551 to schedule your time with us.

In the October issue of 425 Magazine (a magazine based on a zip code where I live and work), I was interviewed for a 3 part article that that talks about how you can develop better habits to use to weather the mental, financial and emotional challenges during these times.


If you would like a copy of this article; please email me directly:  [email protected]

My article provided tips on:

  • Effective habits
  • Being Effective
  • How clutter prevents people from becoming effective and productive
  • Why it's important to be productive and organized and more so even now in light of COVID
  • How people - especially parents - can become productive and organized with having new work/school schedules and environments
  • Common mistakes people make in an effort to become more organized - and how they can be avoided.

‍Meet Megan Simmons

Sr. Organizing Specialist™


Megan joined Eliminate Chaos last year as an Organizing Specialist, but due to COVID, we could never get her professional photo taken for our website.  Now that we have her lovely photo, I wanted introduce her.

Megan was born with a knack for organizing an design. As a visual designer for more than 15 years, she has a great eye for layout and spacial awareness that she brings to our clients. Megan can quickly turn your chaotic space into one that breathes, giving your valued space - purpose again.

When Megan is not working with clients, she has been using her talents to transform the look of Eliminate Chaos that you've been seeing in our newsletter, Instagram page, and soon to be released new website and more.  

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and say hello to Megan.

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