Julie Craig

Organizing Specialist™

Comfort and joy are two benefits you will experience when you work with Julie.

You will be served by Julie’s understanding and appreciation for what it means to live in a space that functions well and runs smoothly.

The expertise Julie brings to your project has been honed for years from working in the home building industry.

An entrepreneur, and house cleaner, for the past 15 years, Julie has seen how people live in their homes and use their spaces. As part of her cleaning services, Julie was able to work with her clients to organize the spaces and bring more functionality to their homes; something you will benefit from.

The feelings of enthusiasm and satisfaction will be shared when you work with Julie; as they will shine through in her work ethic of hard work and organization she brings to your home and life.

Julie was born and raised in Washington state and loves to spend time in nature. When Julie is not with family and friends, you can find her in the garden or tending to her large collection of house plants. Julie also has a passion for interior decorating and earned a degree in cabinet and furniture making from Seattle Central Community College. Woodworking is a lifelong hobby of Julies’ - passed down from her father and grandfather. Julie hopes to retire one day with a woodshop out back so she can continue to hone her skills.   

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