Bailey Haines

Organizing Specialist™

Bailey has always had a passion for organizing as well as helping individuals. Her traits of compassion and patience makes it easy for her to connect with others as she willingly puts others' needs before her own. Throughout her professional and academic endeavors, she has discovered that some of her greatest assets include, but are not limited to listening, note taking, and the ability to communicate clearly.

Bailey grew up in West Seattle and attended Central Washington University where she received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

In her spare time, Bailey enjoys spending time with family and friends, working out, and playing with her cat, Kevin.

Bailey Haines Organizing Specialist

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Laura Leist, CPO, MOS, CRTS

Founder, Productivity Specialist™, Speaker

Robert Leist, CNE, CNA, CNS

Sr. IT Systems Consultant

Cassie Wistrom, CPO

Lead Organizing Specialist™

Megan Simmons

Organizing Specialist™

Tiffany Cogan

Organizing Specialist ™

Bailey Haines

Organizing Specialist ™


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About Eliminate Chaos Services

Packing, Unpacking, Organizing and Moving Services

Now our new house really feels like home.

“I can’t believe how much chaos the movers left our new house in. Boxes everywhere and nothing was sorted to where it needed to be. I was so overwhelmed that I was crying. Eliminate Chaos came in and got us two thirds unpacked in just two days! The rest of the stuff was sorted and staged to where they needed to end up so it was easy for me to finish the details. Now our new house really feels like home.”
- Jillian

High Quality Service

  “Laura and her team offer a unique, high quality service that is invaluable. I am moving cross country and she and Bailey organized and packed my valuables and connected me with movers. Laura’s team is incredibly professional and skilled and took all the stress out of my move. I highly recommend their services!”
- Valerie

Outstanding Small Business - Highly Recommended!

  “Eliminate Chaos saved me from a long distance move gone very, very wrong. I am a repeat customer who has referred friends, colleagues and family to this outstanding small business. They are not inexpensive - but the results are amazing. I’ve never recommended a business more highly. They are simply the best!”
- Regina

Katie Price
Stress-Free and Seamless.

  “The team at Eliminate Chaos made for a seamless and stress-free move to our new home. They truly took care of every last detail, and we can't imagine ever moving again without them! This was perfect for a working family with two young children and limited time and free hands to pack, unpack an organize! Bailey, Cassie, Megan and Courtney were so professional and helpful.”
- Katie

Who said moving can't be fun?

  “Laura Leist and her crew of amazing organizers helped us move out of a house where we had lived for almost 20 years and into a new home. Not only was the move successful, but actually fun. They organized our belongings in our new home with such expertise, expediency and care that it felt like home right away.”
- Angela

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